Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are your hours?  Brooksedge Day Care Center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

  • What holidays or any other days are you closed? Brooksedge Day Care Center will be closed to observe the following seven holidays and one teacher in-service work day:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and a floating day during the year for professional development.  Full tuition is still charged during holiday weeks due to our staff receiving holiday pay. 


  • When is tuition due?  Tuition is due on Friday by noon.  If you wish to pay bi-weekly or monthly, tuition must be paid in advance. 

  • Does your tuition increase?  We complete a tuition analysis in April every year to see what other centers in our area, that offer the same services that we do, compare to our pricing.  We then evaluate and decide if our prices will stay the same or increase. 

  • When we take a vacation or when our child is sick, do we still pay tuition?  When your child is on vacation and does not attend the center (Monday-Friday), then you pay ½ of your normal tuition rate.  If your child is not in attendance for 8 or more weeks, no tuition is due and we will still hold a spot for your child.  Tuition is still charged regarding an illness. Because we are guaranteeing your child's space during the absence, our costs remain the same. In the event of an extended illness, or other extreme event, tuition alternatives may be arranged at the discretion of the administrator. 

  • Do you have a sibling discount or offer any other discounts?  We offer $5 off per child each week if both children are under school-age.  We also participate in the Mt. Carmel Employee Discount Program.  If you are employed by Mt. Carmel, you may sign up through the Human Resources Department and they will forward us the proper paperwork.  You may only participate in one discount per family; the sibling discount will not apply, nor will part time rates if you participate in the Mt. Carmel Discount program. 

  • Do you accept publicly funded child care (Title XX)?  We do not at this time. 



  • What is the registration fee? For an infant between the ages of 6 weeks-12 months, the fee is the same as the full-time weeks tuition for our infant rooms, but that fee does get applied to your child’s first week here. For one child, the fee is $60 and for a family of 2 or more, the fee is $75. There is also an annual registration fee. Our registration year runs from March to March. Registration fees are not refundable.

  • How do I enroll my child(ren)? There is a pre-registration form that you can come to the center and fill out or you can print the form from our website and bring in. You must pay the registration fee to reserve your child(s) spot. After this, the administrators can assist you with the rest of the registration process.

Safety & Security 

  • What security features are in place? Our building is equipped with a key fob entry system at the front entrance and the entrance from the preschool/school-age playground, so only those with a key fob have immediate access. Cameras and on-site administrators allow us to monitor the front and rear entries.

  • Do you have safety drills and how do you handle emergencies? We have monthly fire drills, monthly tornado drills from March-September, and quarterly lockdown drills. Brooksedge does have an Emergency and Disaster Plan in place for various scenarios. This plan is reviewed annually. If a medical emergency has occurred with a child, we will alert parents just as soon as emergency first aid has been started and 911 is called. For an emergency affecting the whole program, we will communicate to the parents as fast as we can.


  • Are meals provided? Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided for all children except the infants in our Infant I class and those not on table food in our Infant II class. If your child is not permitted to have any type of foods due to allergies or religious beliefs, you are encouraged to provide an alternative meal that adheres to the licensing standards regarding nutrition and choking hazards.

  • Do you take the children outside? Children aged 12 months and up will have outdoor play twice a day, weather permitting. If we are ever unable to go outside, classes will provide opportunities for gross motor play inside their classrooms.

  • Do you transport children to school? Brooksedge provides transportation to a majority of the Hilliard City Elementary Schools, but not all of them. If you have any questions about this, call (614)529-0077 and speak to the office for more information.

  • Do you take the children on field trips? We take the children on various field trips during the school year (monthly trips to the library for our Pre-K class, pumpkin patch field trips in the fall for children ages 4 and up, etc.). During the summer, the Pre-K class will go on weekly field trips and the school-agers will go on more frequent ones.

  • How do you communicate with the parents? The classroom teachers will communicate with parents during drop off and pick up times. Teachers will also communicate what they are doing in their classrooms with a monthly newsletter or through the communications app we use in our infant and toddler classrooms. The center also communicates with parents through telephone, email, Facebook messages, and a monthly newsletter.